Friday, 20 May 2016

Bimbo Brain Wash

I find it so fun to brainwash men into doing the funniest, ridiculous, and most humiliating things while under my control. Im mesmerizing to them and can use my powers of to get just about anything I want. But what I really like doing is making my mindless servants do my bidding for me. This might include trying on my clothes, bras, panties, high heels, but also means sucking cock for me too. Ill make you train your mouth and throat with my big black dildo. Keep you in chastity so I dont have to look at your pathetic attempts of an erection. You might think you are doing all this to show your love for me, but really Im going to convince you that you are nothing more than a faggot sissy boy and you absolutely enjoy serving as my brainwashed bimbo.
Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Prepping the Pussy Licking Slave

Today is a very special day. Youre going to receive special treatment to turn you into the perfect pussy worshipping slave. The procedure is very painful, but when its all over youll be spending the rest of your days licking only the hottest pussies and fluffing them for their fun sexcapades. We will perform a few body modifications to improve your worshipping skills and abilities: filing down your teeth for smoother licking, piercing your tongue for optimal clitoris stimulation, and use large earrings as handles to keep you under control. We will also be cutting your vocal chords so the nurses dont have to listen to your bitching or complaining. One more thing, we cant have a pussy slave that is aroused by his job, so you will be permanently locked in chastity so you wont get any perverted ideas.
Ceara Lynch

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Baby face sitter

Maybe you thought you hit the jackpot finding a smoking hot baby sitter that you could rely on so well. But perhaps you should have kept your pervy eyes to yourself. You never would have guessed that someone so young could be so perceptive toward the male mind. She pulls you aside one day explaining that she needs a raise, double what you pay her, in fact. She knows you can't afford it, but she also knows she always gets what she wants. Forcing you to lie on your back, face up, she sits on your face, suffocating you until you agree to her demands. How did this happen.Ceara Lynch

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Humiliated Roommate

Finding a new roommate is a nightmare waiting to happen. You never know what sort of twisted perverted psycho freak will end up sleeping under the same roof. I unfortunately had to settle with some dweeby nerd that talks about the geekiest . I just tune that loser out whenever we are in the same room, except when I couldnt help noticing him hiding his boner when I came into the living room after fucking a really hot guy. I figure its time to take this opportunity to lay down some ground rules for the house. Youre allowed to touch yourself to me, I know you cant help yourself, but dont make a mess on my sofa. Lets face it, youll never be one of those sexy hunks that get to fuck me, but as my roommate you get the pleasure of watching me tease you before and after sex. And, for the reward of jerking it to your hot roommates perfect body, you will be Ceara Lynch

Panty Feeder

Its time for your feeding. I need to take care of my servants and nothing satisfies their hunger more than feasting on my panties, licking my pussy, tasting my ass, and drinking the juices that I secrete. I make you kneel on the floor staring up my skirt, like a begging for a treat, until it is time for me to go. I reward you for your obedience by letting you worship me in such an intimate way, but really Im using you to prepare me for my date tonight. You see, Ive been texting this really hot guy and he wants to go get drinks at this really high-end club then go watch a movie. Now that youve got me nice ready for my man why dont you give me your money for worshipping my pussy so I can treat a REAL MAN to a nice night out. Ceara Lynch

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Money Maker

Dont you dare cum yet! The rules are simple: you pay me $100 3-times a day THEN you are allowed to cum. This isnt a one time installment thing, I allow you to stroke that ugly little maggot you call a cock and you pay a $100 tribute. Im so nice, that I will ocntinue to tease and torment you, filling up those balls with loads of cum. Once I have been paid the third $100, I will let you release your hot sticky juices all over your sad worthless body. Pay your respect and followthough with your daily tributes or be forever cursed with blue balls until you pay your domme!
Ceara Lynch

Friday, 25 December 2015

Sissy Maid Roommate Audition

My sisters and I have been interviewing new roommates to join our sorority house. Some guy actually applied, and normally we wouldnt even consder having aguy in the house, but were willing to make an exception if he accepts a very specific role in the house. The moment he steps into the house, his shoes come off and you will dress up in your uniform of high heels and a slutty maid outfit. You will be expected to do all the chores, cooking, and cleaning, as well as serve each of us sisters and keep us entertained. Now, we cant have a man around the house jerking his cock everywhere and on every girl. Part of your hazing is celibacy training where we lock our new roommate in a chastity cage until he learns to control his urges.
Ceara Lynch