Thursday, 20 November 2014

Eat Your Cum for Samantha and Me

Is there anything more humiliating then eating your cum because a hot girl told you to? How about two hot girls? That's right you sick faggot. Get those thirsty lips ready. Samantha and I are going to break down your mental walls and excite the prick until you're BEGGING us to slurp your men spunk. We know just how to strip you of your manhood and transform you into the humble, cum sucking slave you were meant to be.
Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 9 October 2014

30min Tease And Edge

I know most of you losers shoot your loads within seconds of watching one of my clips. Don’t even have the stamina to make it to the end. I mean, I don’t care how quick you are to shoot since I already have your money. But I’ll tell you what, I’m going to help you to truly enjoy jerkin that tiny cock to my videos. This is my longest edging video to date and I’m going to drive you so close to cumming before I make you stop and feel that throbbing pain in your blue balls. Are you man enough to last 30 minutes with Princess Ceara

Ceara Lynch

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I just don’t understand it! Why would one of my slaves try to run away from me? You beg and plead that all you want is to serve me and be under my control, but then I catch you trying to escape my lair. It was too easy to just sneak up behind you and shock you with my stun , then throw you back into your cage like some whimpering pathetic . Welcome home, bitch! This is where you’re going stay for the rest of your life. Maybe I’ll let you out on special occasions, like your birthday or Christmas. If I do though, I’m going to have to keep you on a leash so you won’t try to run away again. And don’t forget to wear your collar, that way everyone will know that this little bitch belongs to Ceara Lynch.

Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Men are Idiots

Isn’t it amazing how evolution has men hard wired to act like such utter buffoons when they’re in front of a beautiful woman? I’ve decided to put this phenomenon to the test and see how far an idiot like yourself will go to watch me remove my clothes. You’ll be immersing your bits in ice-cold water, kneeling on rice, jerking off to my boyfriend’s underwear, and of course, emptying that wallet of yours. I know how excited you get when you act as a jerking clown as I verbally abuse you, but if you can’t control yourself you’ll be forced to pay a cum tax and start all over. Think you can keep up?

Ceara Lynch

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Giantess Crush and Devour

There’s a serious pest problem in my house. Everyday I find dozens of tiny men running all over my floors, counters, and shelves. They’re like rats, verMEN, stealing all my food and belongings. I corner a younger wimpy man and decide to have a little fun with this one. I begin to tease him by letting him stare up my skirt, crouching down so he can feel the heat of my wet pussy. I tell him how many of his stupid little friends I have crushed with my giant hands, smushed between my enormous boobs, and squashed with my BIG feet. You pesky pint-sized pricks seem to enjoy getting demolished by a mighty Giantess. But sometimes, instead of making a mess and licking it up, I like to devour your kind whole and feel you squirming and kicking as you slide down my deep throat.

Ceara LynchLoading

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lose your Cum, Lose your Marriage

How many times have you cum to one of my clips? 40… 50… 100 times? There’s nothing wrong with that. I know what you want and know how to tease and get you to climax at the drop of a dime. Just hitting that “Buy Now” button or paying tribute makes your lonely cock dribble. Well, this clip is especially unique for those losers out there who love my jerk-off instructions, specifically you married or taken men. It takes a lot of nerve to turn your back on the woman who is readily available just to stroke alone to one of my clips. As much as I love making money off you pathetic excuses for men, I can’t help but to hate all you sad sack of for how you treat women. So here is the deal, you buy this clip and you pump that tiny boy dick all you want, but you are not allowed to orgasm. If you do end up exploding all over your fat belly, then I will out you for the cheating pig you truly are. The choice is yours, scumbag

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Monday, 9 June 2014

How To Fuck Your Wife

As a married man, there should only be one woman on your mind. Unfortunately for you, you just can’t get me out of your head. You have become addicted to my clips. Now, your tiny dick is trained to only get hard when you see me in a sexy bra and thong. It is really taking a toll on your marriage since you barely have sex with her anymore, and when you do, that pathetic cock of yours remains limp and doughy… unless you are thinking of me. So here’s what I’m willing to do, I’m actually going to help you with your marital issues and sex life. I want you to imagine that every time you are with your wife, you’ll picture me instead of her. When you touch her hair, kiss her lips, grab her ass and tits, anything you do, just use your imagination and see me there, on top of you, driving you towards an explosive orgasm. Your dumb wife will be so happy that you are finally giving her the pleasure she deserves that she won’t even know that you’ve been thinking about me the whole time.  

How To Fuck Your Wife