Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Money Maker

Dont you dare cum yet! The rules are simple: you pay me $100 3-times a day THEN you are allowed to cum. This isnt a one time installment thing, I allow you to stroke that ugly little maggot you call a cock and you pay a $100 tribute. Im so nice, that I will ocntinue to tease and torment you, filling up those balls with loads of cum. Once I have been paid the third $100, I will let you release your hot sticky juices all over your sad worthless body. Pay your respect and followthough with your daily tributes or be forever cursed with blue balls until you pay your domme!
Ceara Lynch

Friday, 25 December 2015

Sissy Maid Roommate Audition

My sisters and I have been interviewing new roommates to join our sorority house. Some guy actually applied, and normally we wouldnt even consder having aguy in the house, but were willing to make an exception if he accepts a very specific role in the house. The moment he steps into the house, his shoes come off and you will dress up in your uniform of high heels and a slutty maid outfit. You will be expected to do all the chores, cooking, and cleaning, as well as serve each of us sisters and keep us entertained. Now, we cant have a man around the house jerking his cock everywhere and on every girl. Part of your hazing is celibacy training where we lock our new roommate in a chastity cage until he learns to control his urges.
Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Humiliation In Lace

How can a man resist the seductive allure of a woman covered in lace? I can tell by that raging hardon that the sexy silhouette of my curvy body wrapped in lace is driving you wild. Soon, Ive got you with your dick out and stroking yourself as I tease you in my lace body suit. All you can do is focus on my gyrating laced hips and ass teasing you closer and closer to climaxing. Even a simple thought of my nude body clothed in sheer lacey fabric would be enough to cover my walls with your own sticky web of lace.
Ceara Lynch

Friday, 16 October 2015

Mandy Feet

Are you ready to worship two of the hottest pairs of feet you've ever laid your said little eyes on? Mandy Flores has joined me once again to exploit you pathetic little foot addicts. We'll make you grovel on your knees and lick off every bit of dirt you wipe your tongue on. You know your place, bitch. [See more of Mandy Flores here

Ceara Lynch

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Light Mind Control

Keep your eyes on my hip-n0 crystal The fact that you are already a devoted servant makes falling under my spell all too easy. Soon all your will power will be destroyed, only able to move when I command it. I have all the power here able to control you and force you to give me all your money with every snap of my long sensual fingers.

Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Heart Attack

Back story: Through your own special brand of teasing and seduction, you have persuaded a rich older man with a heart condition to marry you, waiving any prenuptial agreement of course, assuring that you get everything. All of this is over the deep misgivings of the family, which had hoped to get at least some of the vast inheritance, and had heard whispers of some disturbing things in your past. Namely that at least two previous rich, older men had died of heart attacks shortly after marrying you. In one case, there the district attorney even considered filing black widow charges until you met with him secretly one afternoon and any further inquiries were quietly and mysteriously dropped.And anyway the older man tells the family theyre crazy. Ceara is the sweetest, most caring person hes ever met (not to mention the most drop- gorgeous.) Why, shes so chaste theyve never even slept together. (He doesnt tell the family about the time she teased him so bad he almost had a heart attack if he hadnt had his pills at hand he would have been in deep trouble.)

Ceara Lynch

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Baby Sitter Humiliation

Well look what I found! I dont think your mom and dad would be very happy to know about this disgusting porn youve been hiding from them. Its my job as a responsible babysitter to take care of you and make sure youre behaving! Youre too young to even know what to do with this stuff anyways. Times were way easier when you were just a baby. From now on whenever I come over to babysit, you will dress and act like a baby. You will suck a binky, wear a bib, and use diapers. And just to make sure you arent touching yourself anymore, I brought along a little toy for you to play with 

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