Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bratty FinDom

Nothing is easier then pleasing a sad and lonely old rich man. I love teasing them, practically taking their money the moment they earn it. Working your whole life, wasting so much time to become so powerful, and making millions of dollars, then giving it all to me. For a guy so smart, you seem to be pretty dumb with money. Giving all that cash to a girl you’ll never fuck, let alone ever meet. That’s what makes me such a successful FinDom entrepreneur. All I have to do is give a little tease, shake my ass, and play with my boobs and I’m already richer than you. Your life is devoted to work serve  ! Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Cuckolding Your Friend

Unfortunately for you, I have bad news about your girlfriend. I know I'm out of line telling you this, but she isn't the sweet and caring girl you think she is. That slut of yours actually could care less about you and, apparently, that tiny cock hanging off your sad ugly body. Don't get me wrong, she does like you, it's just that dick you have isn't doing anything for her. A hot girl like that needs a man with a big cock to make her moan. Something inside her that'll drive her mad, dripping wet to have that massive cock fuck her again. And, that's just not you. She's still like to keep you around since you are so nice. Maybe you're even nice enough to clean out her sticky pussy after a night of being rammed by alpha bulls.
Ceara Lynch

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

No Erections - Week 6

I must say I’m impressed you’ve made it this long without an erection. The conditioning seems to be paying off. Or is it paying me $100 for every boner you get the reason? You are probably going insane, unless you have truly embraced your feminine desires to serve as my sissy. Your masculinity is a lie, always was. You were born a Beta Boy, meant to serve a powerful woman by being an obedient fandom cuck tease. I’ve been training you for this moment, to be a pussyless, erectionless slave. Denied of ever touching or even looking at a pussy, only allowed to service a meaty Alpha   Ceara Lynch

Friday, 26 May 2017

Facial Exposure

Once again, I catch Jason trying to blow a load on his face. How humiliating. What is wrong with this fag? Is he really so deranged that he craves dumping cum on his face? Well, may as well give him what he wants, right? I encourage him to keep going, so I can see him for the freak that he is. Not only that, I'm going to up the ante and make him walk outside and around the block with sperm dripping down his chin. HA! To top it all off, I'll be taking lots of pictures to show all my friends. This bitch is getting exposed and theres nothing he can do about it.
Ceara Lynch

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Sock sniffing fool

Its just oh-so easy to turn your from a normal person, to drooling, fumbling idiot in no time flat. Just slip on these thigh high socks and youre like puddy in my hands, practically begging to do my bidding. Dont believe me? Buy this clip and see how hard you fall.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Humiliation & Pussy Denial

There are many things you are allowed to have. One thing you absolutely CANNOT HAVE is pussy! Pussy is only for real men, sexy men, smart men, strong me. Not for sissy Beta Boys like you. You can buy a ll the pictures and clips you want of pussies covered in panties, but never are you allowed a naked vagina. Even a peek is against my rules. You can do other things without pussy, like sucking my boyfriend’s dick and giving me all your money. See there is still some worth to your life. The time when you used to be a decent pussy licker are over. Your life now is complete denial of pussy. 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

CEI Lessons From Step Mom

When you get married to a man with , you have to take on some responsibilities a their new stepmom. One chore I hate doing is the laundry, especially for my loser stepson. Every time I touch his dirty clothes I find a bunch of crusty socks sticking together. I’ve warned him many times to stop fucking his socks and leaving them for me to clean up. I decide to teach my little boy a lesson for being a perverted jerker. If you can’t clean up after yourself, then I’m going to make you eat every last drop of cum you shoot. No more leaving your filth for me to find, I want you to guzzle it all down. Now, if I find one more crusty anything in the laundry, I will chastise that little wiener of yours!