Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Sexy Hair

The shimmering glow off my beautiful flowing brunette hair will entrance any man. Lured in by my seductive fingers playing with my soft flowing hair, wrapping you up like prey in the coils of a snake. You imagine you’re actually in the same room as me, stroking my elegant head of hair, smelling my shampoo, completely lost in fantasy. Nothing can distract your focus. Not the sounds of my girlfriends in the other room or my stupid houseboy cleaning with the vacuum. Nothing can ruin this moment as you stare hipnotized at my long slender fingers stroking my sexy hair. Wouldn’t you love to be my lucky houseboy and clean up all the precious strands of hair from the floor, you’d have enough to make a cocoon and trap yourself in my braids.
Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Fall Prey

I own and operate an underground slave trade business. I have lured you into my dungeon effortlessly as you were completely mesmerized by my sparkling full lips and luscious furs. With one blow from my compact, you are stunned. Now I have you begging for a kiss from my perfectly poisoned lips. I explain that just one kiss will result in you lusting over me ten fold, enslaved by my beauty forever. You don’t care. You beg for it. I lean into give you a kiss that instantly brings you to your knees, lusting over my face and furs. I lock you into a cage and call my boyfriend, telling him I got you. Meanwhile, he has been in contact with your wife, telling her he has proof you’ve been cheating on her and bringing her over to me to show it. Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Fall Prey Part 2

Your wife has arrived to find you locked in a cage. I force you to denounce her and your marriage and pledge your life to me as your owner for life. You do so without hesitation, demonstrating your undying loyalty. Then I turn to her, blowing the dust from my compact into her face and sedating her like I have you, stuffing her in the cage while I let you out. Now she will be forced to witness what I have in store. I inject you with a needle that will increase your heart rate until it explodes as you continue to pledge your love for me and beg for my sweet poisoned lips again. I taunt your poor wife as I make you smell my sweet furs and taste my kiss and DlE happily as my slave. Now you’re gone and Im free to sell your wife to the slave trade market.
Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Spit & Jeans

That ugly face is perfect for sitting and spitting on! I can’t stand you staring at my perfect ass in jeans, dreaming about burying your face into my warm bubbly cheeks. The only thing that fucked-up face deserves is the hot slimy spit straight from my mouth. I can tell you really want me to spit in your face. You must love being humiliated by hot girls. It’s the only attention you ever get from us, so I can see why it turns you on so much. You’ll never be good enough to pleasure a woman. No girl would fuck an ugly jerk like you. Just another wasteful worthless human being that’ll never be happy unless he is a servant of ridicule. All you’re good for is disposing of my spit. Lick it up, wipe it all over your hideous body, do whatever it takes so I never have to look at your stupid fucking face anymore! Ceara Lynch

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

You Don't Deserve To Cum

Men don’t deserve to cum! They’ve committed too many sins in the world, destroying civilizations all for their own ego and power. , pillaging, even to this day sexually abusing women any chance you get. You’ve destroyed this world, which is why only women deserve pleasure. It’s about time you experienced some struggle, pain, and agony. I’ll put you in your place, show you your new role in this world as a pathetic stroking slave. You are my plaything now. Mine to abuse and use for payback on all the men who have fucked up society throughout the ages. You might think giving into me is a big turn-on, a strong powerful woman having total control over you. Well, stroke all you want, but you’ll never be allowed to cum again. In this new era of female empowerment, even your own dick is owne by me…
Ceara Lynch

Tuesday, 23 January 2018


You have been knocked out, tied up, and . You sit before me bound tightly, unable to move even an inch. As you struggle and scream, I stare at you with excitement. I love to watch you beg. That panic in your eyes makes me hungry for you. I pull out a knife and seduce you with its sharp blade. Despite how utterly terrified you are, your cock stands on end, aching for it. Thats when the torture begins; I carve my initials in your flesh, marking my property and watching you bIeed. Never has a man been so helpless, so weak, before me. This is just the beginning. I chop you up as much as I can without ending your Iife entirely, starting with your fingertips. You wale and curse. Your body fights with every ounce of strength it has to escape but it cant move in the slightest. I am elated. You always wanted to make me happy, right? Lets take it even further. I continue by slicing off the fat off the back of your arm then salt the wounds so you dont bIeed out. I want you to be alive as long as possible to prolong this beautiful interaction. Tears stream from your face as you watch me fry up your fIesh in a pan, then place it past my beautiful red lips and sink my teeth unto your soft tissue. My pussy becomes wet the instant your meat touches my tongue. I must have more. Little by little I carve out as much as your body as possible while keeping you awake. Eventually you stop struggling. Your mind has accepted its fate and has begun pumping out endorphins to cope with the physical trauma. Thats when I know its time for the main course: that ugly, worthless cock thats remained hard this entire time. I tear it from your body mercilessly and fry it up. As you bleed out, I feed it to you from my knife. Darkness begins to envelop, your vision blurs, and my voice grows distant. The end is near. In the last seconds of life thats left, I kiss you slowly, making it all worth it. Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Husband Turned Brainwash Cuckold

What do you do with a selfish lover that only gets what HE wants during sex? I give him handjobs, blowjobs, and rock his world in bed, and he always orgasms before me and doesn’t even care that I get off. He’s lucky he has so much money and I’m not ready to give up my life of luxury, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my sexual desires. I’ve made a plan to brainwash my boyfriend. I will teach him to be a completely loyal schmuck so I can fuck around with other men. I add a special mind control potion to my lipstick so when I kiss him he will fall under my spell. I test my trick out by making him jerk off while teasing him with all the hot things I have planned for him. Lost in his stoking and on the verge of climaxing, but it will never cum! I've owned that cock from the moment you said "I do".
Ceara Lynch