Tuesday, 28 February 2017

CEI Lessons From Step Mom

When you get married to a man with , you have to take on some responsibilities a their new stepmom. One chore I hate doing is the laundry, especially for my loser stepson. Every time I touch his dirty clothes I find a bunch of crusty socks sticking together. I’ve warned him many times to stop fucking his socks and leaving them for me to clean up. I decide to teach my little boy a lesson for being a perverted jerker. If you can’t clean up after yourself, then I’m going to make you eat every last drop of cum you shoot. No more leaving your filth for me to find, I want you to guzzle it all down. Now, if I find one more crusty anything in the laundry, I will chastise that little wiener of yours!


Friday, 20 January 2017

Luscious Lips JOI

You’d love to kiss these lips, but you can’t because I would never waste my time with a pervert like you. You can waste all your time and money on me. I don’t mind that. I’ll even make it worth your while. You don’t have a chance with me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to tease you and help you get off. That’s what you really want anyways, to shoot your load for me. Imagining my luscious pink lips around your dick sucking up and down. Seeing spit and cum running out of my mouth. Well keep dreaming loser!
Ceara Lynch

Friday, 23 December 2016

Leotarded Ass Sniffer

Who needs fresh air when you can just breathe in my ass? There is nothing fresher than the essence dripping from my thong. Let me sit on your face so you can get your nose deep into my stretchy pantyhose and crack. It’s intoxicating, right? My butt sits perfectly on your chin, and you are so tempted to start rimming my perfect sweaty sweet holes. Too bad you don’t have the balls to be so bold, but I know that you truly love to serve me as a smelly little ass sniffer.
Ceara Lynch

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Stroke to feet

You worthless foot freaks don't even deserve to watch this clip. Two of the most high powered dommes with our bare feet in your face, instructing your useless cock and destroying your ego. What more does a loser need out of life? Complete with a cum countdown. Your welcome.
    Ceara Lynch

Friday, 21 October 2016

Fucking Loser Panty Stroker

Look at this fucking pervert. Everyday I catch you looking up my skirt, trying to get a peek at my perfect ass and pussy. Now look at this loser, flat on his back staring right at my crotch while he is jerking away at his wimpy cock. I can’t believe what a submissive little bitch you are, can’t even stop staring at my white satin pussy… and STILL jerking away. Go ahead, just keep stroking along like a worthless worm. You’re at your job and even your wife cuckolds her panties from you. Enjoy the rest of your life worshipping my panties and buying them right off my ass.
 Ceara Lynch

Friday, 23 September 2016

Entertain Me

Thats your job, so amuse me. Make me want to like you Wow you really are just pathetic. I shouldve just kept you locked away with my other sissies and slaves. I wanted to be entertained and you were terrible! You couldnt come up with anything to do for me? You are so worthless you actually need me to tell you what to do because boring losers like you cant keep a pretty girls attention. Bark like a dog! Lick my shoes! Take it up the ass! Now Im having fun, looks like slaves do make good fools. Ceara Lynch

Friday, 19 August 2016

Babysitter Baby Cock

Babysitting can get so frustrating when the little brat wont fall asleep. All I want to do is fuck my boyfriend before the kids parents get home and hes in his room making a whole bunch of weir moaning noises. When I stormed in to tell the little $hit to go sleep, I see his teeny tiny cock fully erect in his rapidly jerking fingers. I know what he was thinking about before I barged in, so I make the twerp finish for me. Show me what a big boy you are I say in a cute coercive baby voice humiliating him to orgasm. Cmon, stroke that wittle baby cock and make him dwibble all over your Star Wars bed sheets. Ceara Lynch